With the Fury Fixed in your shower, you’ll feel as if Thor himself unleashed a downpour of epic proportions in your very own shower.





Your Shower Unleashed


  • Unique design has a premium feel at an introductory price
  • 3.75″ face is larger than most introductory-priced shower heads
  • Powerful technology increases oxygen content for a more satisfying shower
  • 5 total spray settings provide a personalized shower experience
  • Non-stick internal parts and metal base add increase durability
  • Installation is fast, easy and completed in minutes
  • Easy spray selector makes switching settings fast and effortless


Additional information

Increased Durability

Non-stick internal parts and strong metal base for a lifetime of quality performance

Installs in Minutes

Quick and easy installation with no tools required

Enhanced Shower Experience

Cutting-edge technology improves water efficiency for cleaner, more-nourished hair and skin

Easy Spray Selector

Switch between settings effortlessly with our easy spray setting lever


2.0 gpm