Does Oxygenics® have a warranty?

Yes, Oxygenics® offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and clogging.

What if my showerhead breaks or becomes clogged?

Before returning any items you must call 1 (647)456-5070 and obtain a return authorization number. Item(s) sent back without a return authorization number will be refused. We will inspect the showerhead for defects or clogging. If we have determined that the showerhead is defective, we will issue you a replacement or repair the showerhead at our discretion.

What is the difference between the SkinCare series and the Elite SkinCare series?

The Elite SkinCare series is our new style. It has the same patented internal components that make an Oxygenics® showerhead so special, but we have re-designed the outside with a sleek, more streamlined style. It also has a finished comfort control, which is different from the SkinCare series.

What does the shower feel like?

An Oxygenics© showerhead feels like getting a massage at the spa! The invigorating bubbly water pattern flows in a cone shape to hit your entire body. It feels very much like a Jacuzzi® jet that pulsates and massages the body.

Does the Oxygenics® SkinCare Shower have a shut off valve?

No, some of our models have flow control valves, which can adjust the flow, but none of the showerheads shut off completely. There is actually a risk of being burned from showerheads that have shut off valves. When the water backs up in the pipes, the hot water moves to the front of the head, and you can be scalded when you resume showering.

Does the Oxygenics® BodySpa® SkinCare Handheld have flow control?

Yes. A flow control valve is now available with each Oxygenics® BodySpa® Handheld. For more information on how you can purchase one please call 647 456 5070 .

Does the Oxygenics® System use a restrictor valve?

No. Unlike other low-flow showerheads that simply restrict water flow, the Oxygenics® system utilizes the principles of fluid mechanics to accelerate and pressurize the water to give an amazing ‘spa-like’ shower experience while saving money in water and heating costs.

What if I do not like the product I have purchased? Can I return it?

Before returning any items you must call 1 (647)456-5070 and obtain a return authorization number. Item(s) sent back without a return authorization number will be refused. All return item(s) must be returned in new condition including original boxes and properly packaged to avoid damage in shipping. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from date of purchase. All returned item(s) are subject to a handling fee charge plus freight both ways. Item(s) returned damaged or severely used condition, which cannot be resold, would be held until customer is contacted and freight is paid for return shipment. All returned item(s) are subject to inspection for use and damage before credit is issued.

I have added an item to my cart but my shopping cart is still empty, how can I use your site to shop online?

The Oxygenics® online store uses cookies to travel from one section of the shopping experience to another. Most likely you need to enable cookies in your browser settings. If you are using Internet Explorer, open a browser window and select Tools > Internet Options. Click the tab labeled Privacy. Set your Privacy level to Medium for best results. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, enable cookie use from that browser’s settings. Any other questions and comments can be directed to contact@oxygenics.ca.

If you have any other questions that were not answered, please call customer service at 1 (647)456-5070 or email your inquiry to contact@oxygenics.ca.